Stephen Snider


People Portraits - Oil - Single Person
Small 11 inches x 14 inches From $575 I generally work from photographs supplied by the client. Good digital high resolution photos are recommended. Backgrounds will be simple and traditional unless otherwise specified. There will be additional costs for more involved backgrounds. If you wish to include a small pet, add 25%, more for larger animals.
Medium 14 inches x 18 inches From $695
Large 16 inches x 20 inches From $850
Urgon Geralds-Dad-with-Air-Force
People Portraits - Oil - Two or More People
Cost for a two person portrait is based on the initial cost above - plus 50% for each additional person.
Portrait Montages - Oil / Watercolour / Pencil
Oils 14” by 18” One Person Starts at $750 Montages are a terrific way to tell a stroy about someone's life, to honour him or her. The basic montage usually has about three elements in its design. for additional costs I can incorporate more if the client likes. Final price will depend on the amount of elements and complexity.
16” by 20” One Person Starts at $850
Watercolour 14” by 18” One Person Starts at $650
16” by 20” One Person Starts at $750
Pencil 11” by 14” One Person Starts at $495
14” by 16” One Person Starts at $575
Gerald's-Dad-oil-portrait-tn Hollis-Tucker-memorial-oil-montage-tn Hollis-Tucker-Oil-montage-tn OPP-Canine-Unit-Oil-portrait-tn
Spitfire-pilot-watercolour-tn helicopter-pilot-watercolour-tn Capt.-McBride-Kiowa-watercolour-tn Buffalo-pilot-watercolour-tn
B-52-pilot-pencil female-OPP-motorcycle-portrait Armed-Forces-nurse-watercolor Herc-pilot-pencil-montage-full
Country-Salon-tn Beselt-montage-tn
Portraits - Pencil / Watercolour
Pencil Portraits Single 11” x 14” From $275
Single 14” x 17” From $350
Two or more persons Add 50% per person
Watercolour Portraits Single 11” x 14” From $350
Single 14” x 17” From $450
Two or more persons Add 50% per person
Tutor-pilot-trainee-pencil two-kids-watercolour Bride-pencil-portrait-tn Clifford-sketch-two-tone-tn
Herc-pilot-pencil-portrait playing-violin-pencil-tn Jules-portrait-tn Tristan-portrait-tn
Liz-and-Dougie-portrait-tn Lucy-portrait-tn Andrew-tn Logan-tn

Prices are as shown above. I require 40% deposit, along with photos and then I'll begin. Finished paintings are shipped in either large round tubes or shipped flat. Shipping is extra but not expensive, about $10-15, depending on location. Some prices may vary depending upon the amount of detail in the home. PST & GST are extra.

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