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Capture the Character & Memories of Your Home, Cottage or Business

Stephen-painting-garden-sce Stephen-painting-Port-Hope

Capture the character and beauty of your home, business or vacation property in watercolour, oil, pen & ink or pencil sketch. Create a treasured heirloom that will evoke memories of the best of times for generations to come.

How It Works

1. Please take lots of photos of your building, maybe vary the angle of viewing slightly to see some different details. Take some long shots and take some closer shots as well. Let me know the principle view that you would like to have illustrated. Don't be afraid to include some trees, just be careful that they don't block out too much of the building.

2. Also take some closeup detail shots of any darker areas, doors, windows, things that might be of interest, gingerbread woodwork, flower pots, ornaments on the lawn etc.... The more visual information the better the painting will be.

3. If you are taking digital photos, then please keep the files large to retain as much information as possible so I can enlarge the photo when looking at details. It would be best if you have taken several shots, to then burn them onto a CD and mail me the CD. Save the photos as JPEGs would be fine. Regular prints from a SLR camera are fine too of course, though they don't tend to hold as much detail as digitals.

Include the Family Pet

Want to include the family pet(s)? This can be done, but will cost a little extra depending on how much work is involved. It could be as little as only $50 more. Call me and we can discuss it.

For Full Animal Portraits Click Here

For People Portraits & Montages Click Here


Prices are as shown below. I require 40% deposit, along with photos and then I'll begin. Finished paintings are shipped in either large round tubes or shipped flat. Shipping is extra but not expensive, about $10-15, depending on location. Some prices may vary depending upon the amount of detail in the home. PST & GST are extra.

Watercolour of Houses
Small 10 inches x 14 inches $295
Medium 14 inches x 20 inches $425
Large 18 inches x 24 inches $675
Karen-DeCelles-watercolour-tn house-with-dormers-tn Emilyville-Inn-tn
Hastings-Bed-and-Break-tn Forest-Hill-tudor-tn port-hope-town-hall-tn
cottage-watercolour-tn James-Campbell-cottage-tn Grey-stucco-mansion-tn
Whistler-chalethome-tn La-Rocca-Tuscany-tn
Oil or Acrylic of Houses
Small 11 inches x 14 inches $450
Medium 14 inches x 18 inches $595
Large 16 inches x 20 inches $745
X-Large 18 inches x 24 inches $950
Brendas-garden-tn sampleCheeky-Bee brighton-farm-tn
sample_acrylic Front-Porch-tn sampleBarber-Shop
Jackie-Jills-House-tn Shelley-Jackson-Antiques-tn
Pencil or Pen & Ink Sketch Houses
Small 9 inches x 12 inches $225
Medium 11 inches x 14 inches $325
Large 14 inches x 18 inches $450
old-high-school-tn sampleTwo-Sister's-Inn sample-pencil

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