Stephen Snider


Capture the Character & Memories of Your Family

Capture the character of days gone by with a sepia tone historical portrait of your family and their surroundings. Create a treasured heirloom that will evoke memories of the best of times for generations to come.

Prices & Samples

Prices are shown below along with samples of the type of work you might ask for. I require 40% deposit, along with photos and then I'll begin. Finished paintings are shipped in either large round tubes or shipped flat. Shipping is extra but not expensive, about $10-15, depending on location. Some prices may vary depending upon the amount of detail required (eg. Prices shown include two people in the scene.) PST & GST are extra.

Sepia Tone Historical Watercolours
Small 10 inches x 14 inches $395
Medium 14 inches x 20 inches $495
Large 18 inches x 24 inches $695