Stephen Snider


Oil or Pencil Portraits - Pets
Small 10 x 12" approx. $395 (Oil)
$275 (Pencil)
Medium 12 x 15" approx. $495 (Oil)
$375 (Pencil)
horse-portrait-Quinn-tn Lab-retriever-portrait-tn german-shephard-portrait-tn
Charlie-horse-portrait-tn Kelsey-dog-portrait-tn pencil-portrait-of-Bergen

Prices are as shown above. I require 40% deposit, along with photos and then I'll begin. Finished paintings are shipped in either large round tubes or shipped flat. Shipping is extra but not expensive, about $10-15, depending on location. Some prices may vary depending upon the amount of detail in the home. PST & GST are extra.

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